Trail running Offa’s Dyke Path

Although it almost always requires a steep climb to get onto this national trail, for the most part the climbs and descents are pretty mellow once you are on the trail. This makes it ideal for trail running. Especially for those of us who need all the help we can get.

With temperatures dropping to almost half of what they had been for the previous week, when the only option was to head to whatever water source was closest for a dip, I decided to go for a run. Not just the quick 3 miles I generally do round the local trails, but try for something longer. I headed to Hay Bluff and set off from there.

Running is one of those things I have always struggled with. Walking all day is no problem, but running seemed impossible. As we have all had plenty of extra time recently I decided to try and figure out running. Starting small with a mile, then building very gradually over the last months. By no means have I been super disciplined and stuck to any kind of schedule, but I have been on more runs this year than the previous 10 years combined and it has become fun.

After a 10 mile loop the dog and I were knackered. Being somewhere scenic and running was fun though. No need for the usual distractions of podcasts/music. I get why trail running has become so popular. I am looking forward to putting in some more miles!