The Rum Diary by Hunter S Thompson

The Rum Diary by Hunter S Thompson

The Rum Diary by Hunter S ThompsonMost people will know the general gist of the story seeing as it has just been on in the cinema and had trailers blasted all over the interwebs. The film stars Johnny Depp (who I generally like) in another Hunter S Thompson book to film adaptation. The first one (feat and loathing in las vegas) went pretty well so I figured this one cant be too bad either. The reviews I have heard so far do not agree however and I have yet to verify that myself.

On recommendation though I bought the kindle edition (under a fiver) for a little pre Xmas reading. I did not have a whole lot of time but luckily its a pretty short book. Knowing what to expect from Hunter S Thompson books (debauchery) and the title, I was pretty into this within a few paragraphs. The writing is descriptive, fast paced and funny. I couldnt put it down and ended up finishing it in a couple of days.

I am actually looking forward to watching the film, though I know it will inevitably be disappointing as there is no way it can live up to the book. This would be a cool holiday read.

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