Xmas 2011 Catch Up

Mums Xmas Cake

Time flies – it always feels like summer lasts 5 minutes, then autumn seemed to last for ages this year and before you know it – mid December has arrived. Work is busy feeding shops with product which is in turn being lapped up by Xmas shoppers desperately trying to please their loved ones. I was lucky enough to enjoy a long weekend in Clifton which was a welcome break from the hustle and get to spend some time with family. Stayed in a cool place with a room which at the right angle overlooked Brunels masterpiece – the Clifton suspension bridge.

Clifston Suspension Bridge

Before I knew it I was on the road back up to Ilkley to stay with my parents go on the usual Xmas eve booze up, and gorge on all the festive food. My mum had gone all out decorating the cake (see photo – I love the marzipan balls the most) and with the 4 bird roast for Xmas day. It was worth the effort though.

Mums Xmas Cake

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