The Snowboard Test 2012

The Snowboard Test Kaunertal 2012

Spring in AustriaThis is always one of my favourite weeks of the year. A whole week away talking nothing but snowboarding, loads of brands, loads of shops, loads of riding and loads of partying. It works for me. Everything seemed complicated this year – having been away so much already this year and then having so much to do in the next few weeks made it pretty tough. As tough as going snowboarding for a week can be anyway.

With a couple of last minute changes to our lineup, a decent apartment (with wifi thank god) booked and a forecast for snow we set off. The drive was smooth – we did in 10 hours with a Tom Tom what we did in 14 with a map book the year before (we did get lost in Brussels for an hour). We found the apartment no problem and tried to check in. Unfortunately the mad old woman there told us to go away and come back at 3pm (currently 9am and we havnt been to bed yet) though not before offering us schnapps. After turning down the schnapps we headed up the Glacier road to do our first runs and get set up.

view on the way up

It snowed – just as predicted. It is amazing how we always seem to get lucky with the snow in May. The turn out seemed to have as many people as ever however there were some noticable absences in terms of fairly major brands and retailers. People who I consider to be regulars were nowhere to be seen. A shame. It seems austerity measures have kicked in when it comes to budgets for parties too. Luckily brits are pretty resourceful and just turned up to the same venues and drank more or less as much.

As always the Never Summer Snowboard range got amazing reviews and even those who wanted to hate the boards could not help but be impressed! It is always good to know your product is great. It makes life easier. Judging from what other brands and retailers have been saying, we should be proud of our sell through on Never Summer too!

The Snowboard Test Kaunertal 2012

After a week of sun and decent conditions albeit slushier every day I was pretty knackered and ready to head home. Nothing quite prepares you for a day in the back of a van and hours of German traffic but that is all part of the experience. It is not often you get to see the sun go down and then come back up again in the same journey.

I am looking forward to next years event already. Got to hope the brands will up their game again and make it happen bigger and better!

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