Wakeboard Progression

Brunotti Rise with Ronix Prestons

The best thing about starting a new sport is the progression. The satisfying feeling you get from making geniune progress and improvement. With a handful of solid wakeboarding sessions under my belt now at WMSki near Cirencester I am feeling great progress. The first sessions are all about getting used to the board, bindings, cable etc. Now I feel confident that I am going to make it off the dock safely without worrying too much I can focus on bigger and better things. Last week was all about sorting out my stance and binding angles.

This week I had a major leap forward tackling obstacles. Each obstacle took some building up to but once conquered became great fun. I started on some wide boxes, then a narrow flat box. The taxi with a down section in through me off a few times but once I mastered getting slack in the rope it was easy. Next up came the kicker. This was a classic just needing to work up the guts to hit it then finding out it was really easy moment. With the confidence built up from conquering all the smaller features I went for the roof top. The first couple of tries I did not make it all the way up but managed to keep on riding. The third time I got to the top and then lost it backwards resulting in a yelp and a backflip. I got straight back on it and by the end of the day had managed to ride it out well once and a few not so bad attempts.

The scene is very friendly and welcoming down at WMSki. The guys working there are keen to help you progress and give little tips here and there. Looking forward to getting back down there!

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