Kitesurf World Cup at St Peter Ording

Kitesurf World Cup St Peter Ording

Being involved in the kitesurf industry has given me the chance to attend quite a lot of events. Most are a long way from exciting these days however I had always wanted to go to the german leg of the PKRA which is currently considered to be the largest kite event in the World. I made the call earlier this year that I was going to do my best to make it this summer. I managed to grab a lift out with Oli from Mutiny Kites.

It really was quite a drive to get out there. We left sun soaked England for hoodie weather North Germany. The event site is impressive! They build what is essentially a festival site on the middle of a huge beach. People are free to camp on the beach and there are parties going on till late pretty much every night. The brands are out in force with booths in the festival area showing off their latest gear then a test area on the beach. Check this shot from above.

PKRA Germany from above

It is a pretty rare sight to see that many kites and boards out on display on the beach and there are a huge amount of testers. The festival is supported by major sponsors and gets a footfall of approx 250 000 people! It is the biggest thing that ever happens in the local area which brings the locals down to party too.

One of my main reasons to go out there was to check in with Flysurfer and catch up with the team on new product developments (some exciting stuff happening there!) and of course to test the new inflatable kite, The Cronix. The wind and water were far from ideal for testing but it was good to get out and have a play. The kite was fun too! It will be interesting to spend more time on it in order to get a more detailed opinion.

Flysurfer Cronix at St Peter Ording Kitesurf World Cup

I also got to meet a load of people including Dom and Malte from Ozone who I will no doubt see again!

If you are looking to spend a week surrounded by kitesurfers, testing new gear and partying hard – this is a pretty good call. Plus all the world’s top riders are there hanging out in the village, partying there in the evenings, and of course putting on a great show during the PKRA.

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