Weekend in Newgale

Newgale in August 2013

Newgale has been on my hit list for a long time – the beach is famous for being perfectly flat and hard packed most of the time which is perfect for land kiting and also offering great kitesurf conditions. The local kite school (and loads of other activities) is The Big Blue Experience. I have dealt with Oli there for 5 years now yet had never managed to meet in person – it was good to change that. Big Blue has recently expanded to include a shop and booking office just off the sea front which really does make the experience a good one.

Naf and I checked out the forecast, and early tide and decided to head down Friday night in order to be there ready to ride nice and early and make the most of the low tide. As ever the forecast did not play game and delivered considerably less wind than expected. After checking in at the shop we decided a landboard session was the way to go. The beach really was perfect for landboarding and we made the most of the light winds and perfectly smooth sand.

Newgale Landboard Session

It was good to see a bunch of Ozone kites in the sky with people learning to powerkite as well as other more experienced riders.

As the tide crept in and the beach started to shrink we packed up and headed back to the shop. We got lucky again when Oli gave us the chance to come on a river SUP adventure down the Western Cleddau (i think it was the western cleddau!). It was great to get out in a new location and try different kit. This was the perfect activity on a sunny afternoon!

Prepping for a SUP adventure

After getting back from paddleboarding we learnt a boat has broken down and needed retrieving we volunteered our services. It is not often we get a ride in a boat!

Sunday morning the wind was all over the place with big rain showers coming through. The wind swung direction a few times and moved constantly between no wind and 9m weather so we figured we would have breakfast then see what was happening. It settled a little and we saw a couple of kites go up so figured we would give it a go. What started as a bit of a struggle to keep upwind soon picked up into a fun session. I went for a 12m Ozone Catalyst and 134 Brunotti Youri Pro – a great combo! After kiting through some heavy showers we ended the session in glorious sunshine.

If your looking for a fun weekend full of watersports in South Wales then Newgale and Big Blue come highly recommended.

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