DJ Shadow at HMV Forum

dj shadow at hmv forum

Thanks to my buddy Ed’s willingness to donate blood, and Shadow’s good will towards blood donors (he offered free tickets to a gig if you give blood) I got to go see DJ Shadow at his final UK date in the HMV Forum last friday. It seemed like an excellent reason to go to the big smoke for a jolly so I did just that. The good life out in the country is all good but from time to time its healthy to see loads of people and pay extortionate amounts for drinks. Photo is also thanks to Ed.

dj shadow at hmv forum

The gig itself was great. DJ Shadow has been a favourite of mine for years and he did not disappoint. The sound was amazing and his Shadowsphere was a great idea too. The basic gist of it is a DJ booth in a sphere with an open side. The sphere spins around at points and is projected onto – the background is then projected onto separately allowing for some fun visuals. The video below is not from the gig but gives you the basic idea.

He played a bunch of the classics as well as a bunch of new stuff and kept the crowd entertained. If you get the chance to see one of his shows I would recommend it!

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