Newgale, Pembrokeshire

It has been years since my last visit to Pembrokeshire – this one was a last minute road trip in late November. It is too far for a day trip, but certainly worth it for a couple of nights. The beach is really good there, and the scenery is second to none. The surrounding area is full of places to explore.

The tide was in so we took the dog for a walk. I could not resist going in for a surf for the last hour of light. This is the biggest problem with this time of year – the light goes early.

The whole area is a tourist hot spot in season, but at this time of year it is quiet. We headed to St Davids to find dinner. The pubs were still busy. After food and hanging out in a cosy pub it was back to Newgale to find somewhere to park up for the night. Its pretty easy to find a nice spot on the cliffs, but probably slim chance in season.

We woke up to a beautiful day. Opened up the sliding door to take in the view from bed. The dog could not contain his excitement though so up we got to accompany him for a walk along the cliff tops before heading to the cafe for breakfast.

Next up St Davids in daylight. A really beautiful town, with a massive new(ish) cathedral alongside the ruins of a very old one and plenty of shops and cafes. After a walk we found somewhere to stop for coffee. 

We moved onto the next mission. Finding a nice flat water SUP location. A quick look at the maps and then off we went hunting. The first option looked like the current was pretty fast so we moved on to another option and found a great spot for a first timer.

After that is was my turn to go paddle and I wanted some waves. We cruised round the corner to Little Haven and found a perfect spot. I had one of the best sessions I have ever had as the sun went down. To the pub for more food and a beer before heading back to Newgale for the night.

Another morning, another dog walk. The wind was howling offshore and the surf was powerful. As I worked my way into my cold and wet suit, the wind chill was very noticeable. The strong winds made it hard to paddle into waves too. I probably caught the largest, fastest waves I ever have on a SUP. Took some solid beatings too. Another trip to the cafe to fuel up before starting the drive back home.

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